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TC Farm New Born Egg

New Born Egg refers to the first batch of eggs laid by young hens within 110-130 days of development, and is considered the essence of a hen's lifetime. These eggs are highly nutritious.

Due to being the eggs laid by young hens in their first production, New Born Egg are usually smaller in size with relatively soft shells, and the ratio of yolk to egg white differs from that of regular chicken eggs. This uniqueness gives New Born Egg a delicate texture and unique flavor.

New Born Egg have higher levels of protein and phospholipids compared to regular chicken eggs. Phospholipids are important substances that promote liver cell regeneration, brain development, and enhance memory. Therefore, New Born Egg are beneficial for the growth, development, and memory enhancement of babies, providing natural nutritional support.

New Born vs Regular Eggs :

  1. Richer in nutrients: New Born Eggs receive better nutrient supply during the incubation process, resulting in a higher content of high-quality proteins, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, offering better nutritional value for human health.
  2. Better taste: The smaller size of the egg white and yolk in New Born Egg makes the flavors more concentrated, enhancing the delicate texture, and intensifying the aroma.
  3. Higher freshness: New Born Egg are freshly laid, retaining more nutrients and moisture, resulting in a tender and smooth texture.
  4. Improved digestibility: The protein and fatty acid molecular structure of New Born Egg is more loose, making them easier to digest and absorb by the human body.



Our chickens do not consume or inject with any antibiotics. Eat Safe with TC Farm.


Recommended Serving Method :

Due to the smaller size of New Born Egg, the best way to preserve and utilize their nutritional content is to boil them with the shell in plain water, resulting in a flavorful cooked egg. If possible, using an egg cooker can be convenient and ensure the desired doneness without worrying about the cooking time.


Terms & Conditions 

Our delivery charge is calculated based on weight and is non-refundable. Please ensure your presence or arrange for someone to receive the goods after confirming the delivery date. No returns will be accepted after delivery.


Delivery Schedule : After order will receive the egg within 72hours 


Nutrition Facts 

Total Weight: 1.8kg ++
Quantity: 20 Eggs (1BX)


  Per 100g

Omega 3 

     200 - 400 mg


100 - 250 mg


2 - 10 mg


10 - 100 mg

Total Fat 

10 - 11 mg


110 - 130 k/cal


 12 - 13 g



*Subject to Seasonal Variation


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What's in the box

1 Ctn =  2 Box New Born Eggs

1 Box = 10Pcs New Born Eggs

1 箱子 = 2 盒 “初生蛋”

1 盒 = 10粒 “初生蛋”